Much contemplation is spent on all of our projects shown above, such as the Casino Hotel introduced below. Upon selection as the owners representative, much reflection and deliberation were devoted to this unique opportunity. It was critical to create a pure environment, using Mexican, Greek, and Roman Mythology in order to compliment the life size bronze statues already a part of the owners extensive art collection. We also felt it important to inspire our guests with an educational experience. We analyzed each and every facet of this million plus square foot facility. We provided five restaurants, three shopping areas, one water park, one salon and spa, and an observatory tower for star gazing. There is also an interior light well where where Zeus and Hera anchor both ends during the nightly light performance. This experience adds to the ethereal feeling provided as our guests enter into our magical environment and continues throughout their stay.


                                                                         Norma King Designz, inc.
                                                                           3990 Vitruvian Way Suite 466
                                                                                 Addison, Texas 75001
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