about the artist

" I feel blessed to have lived my life by my own rules."

Different cultures have always
influenced my life, my work,
and my travels.

I feel fortunate to have met
amazing friends and amazing clients
along my journey.

There are still so many exotic places
 to visit, to work in, and to learn from.

There are still many exciting people
to meet and to create for.

I feel extremely passionate about
every aspect of my life.

I now have a beautiful daughter in my life.
Her name is Alexandria King.
The best assistant I ever had.
Now we live life passionately together,
traveling for work and for pleasure.

Now our travels influence
both of our lives,
as they do our creations.

 " Passion. It's all about Passion "

Norma King Designz,inc.
                                  3990 Vitruvian Way Suite 466
                                        Addison, Texas 75001
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